dont you understand? komaeda is love, komaeda is life. LIVE LAUGH LOVE KOMAEDA!!!!!!!

You wake up after spending 97 hours playing all the danganronpa games in order. You remember your mother saying its important to go outside, but the outside world is dangerous, how could she ask you of that? You realise that you need fresh air to live, so you hesitantly open the front door and take a step outside of your coven. The grass underneath you feels soft and warm from the weather, each string of green goodness tickles your delicate dainty toes. You giggle loudly, the grass reminds you of hinata and naegis hair. You suddenly realize a thought, KOMAEDAS HAIR! You immediately rush to fall onto the ground, rolling in the green soft plants. You quickly dig a hole the size of your body, and crawl inside. The next 23 years you live inside, living off bugs and rainy water of the spring. You are outside, you have touched grass.